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Introduce your taste buds to a world of unique and original Dutch cuisine. Try our top recommendations below
along your travels:

 Rotterdam’s Market Hall (Markthal) is the first indoor market in Holland, this intriguing arched building is full of restaurants and stalls offering an array of delicacies.

Check out the Gouda cheese market from April to August, and experience and discover the centuries-old cheese trading tradition in Gouda.

Don’t miss the vineyards of Maastricht where some of the best Dutch wines are produced in the vineyards around the city of Maastricht.

The menus in Dordrecht have been influenced by the fresh fish caught in the rivers around the city for centuries. Marktzicht, De Stroper and Villa Augustus are all excellent places to dine.

Embark on the Veluwe wine route and view some of the beautiful vineyards located throughout the Veluwe.

Salty flavours from Zeeland offers everything you need to know about the tastiest, creative and traditional seafood from Zeeland.

Try Venison in the Achterhoek. Autumn is the best time to eat hares, pheasants, wild ducks and roebuck. Culinary lovers should consider a trip to Gasterij de Gulle Waard in the Achterhoek, Villa Ruimzicht or Wolfersveen.


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